Your MyLife page serves as your personal profile. It is here that you will find all of the functionality contained within your Loggacy account; including the ability to complete your Bio, record your Log, view your Photos and visit your Family and Friends profiles.






Your Bio is where you can compile a complete record of the key moments in your life; such as when you were born, where you live, where you study and where you work. Once entered into your Bio, these facts will automatically appear on your Log as key life moments.






Whilst your Log is pre-populated with entries from your Bio, you can add new entries to record all of the most precious moments from your life; whether they be the birth of your first child, visiting the Great Barrier Reef or jumping out of an aeroplane…






For each entry that you add to your Log you decide who views it. Select Private to keep it to yourself or Public to share it with the world. Of course, there’s lots of options in between, and you can simply select to share a message with Family, Friends or Both.






Any photos that you attach to your Log entries are stored in one place, allowing you to easily recollect those life moments for which you have uploaded photos.





Family and Friends

Your family and friends are clearly listed on your profile so that you can easily engage and connect with those most important to you.







Visit your MyNews page to see what Bio and Log entries your Family and Friends have made most recently. Why not also take the opportunity to engage with them here by ‘loving’ or sharing your personal experience on a specific Log entry.





Loggacy Contact

At Loggacy we invite you to record your own legacy. We also offer you the opportunity to designate someone to manage that legacy after you pass away. Entitled your Loggacy contact, this person will be able to place an obituary to the top of your timeline and manage any future family and friend requests that you may receive.