MyLife Page

Your MyLife page serves as your profile page. It is the space where your legacy is recorded and as such contains links to all of the sections within your profile: your Bio, your Log, your Family and Friends and your photos.

If you ever get lost, simply click the leaf icon with MyLife next to it in the navigation bar and you will be returned to this page where you can view your profile and continue to record your most precious moments.

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MyNews Page

Visit your MyNews page to see what Bio and Log entries your Family and Friends have made most recently by clicking the link in the navigation bar.

My news nav

You can also engage with them here by ‘loving’ or sharing your personal experience on a specific Log entry by clicking the links contained at the bottom of the entry.

My news post

How to understand your notifications

You can view all of your notifications by clicking the bell icon in the navigation bar.

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Notifications may include family or friend requests, when a user has ‘loved’ or ‘commented’ on one of your posts and when you have been tagged in another users post.

How to manage your account

You can manage your account by clicking your name in the top right hand corner of the web page and selecting Account Settings.

Manage nav

It is here that you can change your profile picture and update the short text contained under your profile picture. You can also select to do the walk through that you did upon your first log in again, assign a Loggacy contact, change your password and even delete your account.

In order to action any changes that you make you simply need to reenter your password at the top of the page and click ‘Update’.

How to invite your Family and Friends to Loggacy

We welcome you to invite your family and friends to Loggacy so that you may then connect with them and share your experiences. You can do this by clicking your name in the top right hand corner of the page and then selecting Invite Users.

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At present, you are only able to invite users via their email address although this is something we’re working on.

How to populate your profile

Creating a new Log Entry

Whilst your Log will contain key life moments taken from your Bio it will only really start to fill out once you start creating specific Log Entries. These can be on anything, such as getting married, buying your first home or the birth of your first child. The most important thing is that the memory is precious to you.

A new Log Entry is made by simply clicking New Log Entry above the Log on the right hand side of your MyLife Page.

You will then be presented with the following pop up.

Create log

Simply select the date of the entry, remembering that you can make an entry for any moment in your life, including those in the past. Give it a title and describe the event using 300 characters or less. You may then want to tag someone who you shared that memory with and even add a photo.

The last thing to do is to decide who you want to share the entry with. Keep it Private so that only you will be able to see it when viewing your log, or alternatively make it Public so anyone with a Loggacy account can view that entry. We offer you a range of options in between these two extremes titled Friends, Family or Friends and Family. Quite simply select Friends to only share the entry with those classified as your Friend, Family to share exclusively with Family, or Friends and Family to share with both.

Once you select ‘Create Post’ that entry will be displayed on your Log with an icon next to it depicting who can see that post. For example, the following post has been made Public and therefore has the Globe next to the entry title.


Editing or Deleting a Log Entry

You can edit or delete an entry at any point by simply finding it in your Log and selecting either the pencil icon or the delete icon.

If you select the pencil icon then the pop up that you were presented with to record that entry will reappear. From here you can change any detail of the entry and save your changes by selecting ‘Update Post’.

Edit post

If you select the delete icon then you will see a pop up that asks you to confirm your decision. If you click OK then the entry will be removed from all areas of the site. Please note that once you confirm your decision the post and its content cannot be retrieved.

How to get your profile populated as quickly as possible

The best way to start filling out your profile is to complete your Bio. Your Bio is located on the left hand side of your MyLife page under your profile picture. Here you can enter information relating to where you have lived, your employment history and your education. Once entered into your Bio the information is then automatically placed into your Log which is located on the right hand side of your MyLife page.

Quick pop

How to add Family and Friends

In order to connect with another user you first need to find them using the search function located in the navigation bar to the right of the notifications icon.

Search users

You then need to click 'Add' underneath their profile picture and select whether you wish to add them as either a Friend or Family member.

Add user

Add user pop up

Once added, all of your connections are clearly listed on your MyLife page underneath your Bio.

Fandf panel

From here you may also add Family and Friends by clicking on the highlighted green link for either Family or Friends and then searching for the user by using the search box pictured below.

Users friends

How to view your photos on their own

Every photo that you attach to a post is placed in the Photos section on the left hand side of your MyLife page under your Family and Friends. Simply click on one of the photos and you will see it appear in the centre of the screen along with the text that you provided when making the entry.


Note that on your MyLife page you will only be able to see the four most recent photos that you have uploaded to Loggacy. In order to view all of your photos you simply need to click on the Photos header coloured green.

User photos

How to interact with your Family and Friends on Loggacy

You can interact with your connections by visiting your MyNews page and ‘loving’ or sharing your personal experience on their most recent Log entries as specified in the How to understand your MyNews feed section.

You can also engage with other users entries by visiting their MyLife page and scrolling through their Log until you find a particular post that you want to ‘love’ or comment on.


Notice that there are also links to share the fact that one of your connections has made a new entry via Twitter and Facebook to encourage your other Family and Friends not yet on Loggacy to come and try the service.

Remember that when creating new Log entries you can also tag your Family and Friends if they shared that memory or experience with you. They will be notified of this, as will you, if you are tagged in one of their Log entries. The tag appears just below the text for the Log Entry as you can see from the example post above.

How do I ensure my account is preserved?

Death can be a bit of a taboo subject. At Loggacy we don’t understand why, indeed, we think it’s important to think about life after death and the digital legacy that we leave.

So here’s the deal…

When you die, we transform your profile into a Remembrance Page. Your Bio posts, Log entries and all of the information that you have on your MyLife page will be preserved so that future generations can learn all about you, as you intended them to.

If you have purchased our Infinity Package your profile will remain a Remembrance Page forever; available to all of your Family and Friends to reflect and reminisce on your life perpetually.

If you have not purchased our Infinity Package then your profile will remain a Remembrance Page for two years after your passing. After two years your profile will be removed, and along with it, all of your data.

You are able to buy our Infinity offering for yourself, or alternatively a Family member or Friend may buy it for you. This may happen before your passing, or afterwards; as your Family and Friends will have the option to buy the offering for the whole of the 24 month period in which your account stays active after your death.

Please note that in order to make the most of the Infinity Package it is important that you assign a ‘Loggacy Contact’ before you pass. This means that someone can manage your account after you pass away. You can read more about what a Loggacy contact is, and does, in the section below.

How do I purchase the Infinity Offering?

You can purchase the Infinity Package by simply visiting your Account Settings page and scrolling down to the section titled Infinity Package.

Infinity nav

All is required is an email address for the user whose account it is that you wish to preserve perpetually.

If it is your own then please insert the email address associated with your account. If it is another users then please insert the email address associated with their account.

Infinity pack

Once you click Buy Now you will be redirected to PayPal whereby you can either pay using your PayPal account or by entering the details for a personal debit or credit card.

Once all of your details have been entered you can click ‘Pay’ and your account will be charged the specified amount.

You will receive confirmation of your payment both through the PayPal website and as an email from PayPal. This will contain your payment receipt number and will inform you of how you can expect the transaction to appear on your bank statement.


At this point nothing additional is required of you as our internal systems will be automatically updated to reflect your payment.

You may therefore return to the site and continue to record your life, safe in the knowledge that it will be recorded perpetually so that future generations may always know who you truly were!

How are you notified of my death?

Your death is reported to us via email at In this email, whoever is reporting your death is required to provide the following information:

  • Their name
  • Their relationship to you
  • Your full name
  • Your DOB and date of death (approximate)
  • A link to your Loggacy account
  • Proof of death (in the form of an obituary or some other proof of your death)

Once this information has been received and we are able to verify the death we will update your profile so that you are being ‘remembered’ and your page will be transformed into a tribute page.

We strongly recommend that you assign a ‘Loggacy Contact’ before you pass however so that someone can manage your account after your passing.

What is, and how do I assign, a Loggacy contact?

A Loggacy contact is someone who can manage your account when you pass away. They will not be able to edit or delete your bio, or any previous posts that you have made, however they will be able to manage any future family or friend requests that you receive and pin a post to the top of your timeline (which may be in the form of an obituary) to inform people of your death.

In order to assign a Loggacy Contact you need to visit your Account Settings page and complete the field titled Loggacy Contact.

Want to see anything else in this section, let us know via our contact form.