Our Vision

Loggacy is founded upon the notion that there is a perennial human quest for ‘immortality’ – to create a personal narrative, leave something behind, pass something on and make a mark on the world.

We believe this is as much future-oriented as an immersion in the past, and it is therefore our intention to preserve our users information, so that future generations may be informed of their ancestor’s achievements, interests and past times. It is subsequently hoped that this will allow people to understand their heritage, discover their background and truly comprehend where they’re from.

Whilst not everybody can invent the lightbulb, we believe that everybody has achievements and experiences that they would like to share. Here at Loggacy we enable you to cherish those moments, whilst simultaneously offering you the opportunity to share them with your closest friends and family.

Don’t worry, all of your information is stored confidentially and only shared with those who you want it to be. Share your achievements with the world but similarly only share them with your nearest and dearest. We provide the platform but we are passionate about it being your space so come and join us and share your story today; helping us to achieve our mission of creating the largest repository of family information in the world.

Who we are

Thomas Staley - Founder and Director


Loggacy was born from my personal desire to ‘never be forgotten’. A desire accruing from a sadness that people look at black and white photos of their ancestors and wonder what they have achieved, what they have experienced and what they have seen. I therefore founded Loggacy, with the intention of attaching a story to these photos; connecting generations of families and friends through a safe and secure digital platform.

As a budding entrepreneur and technology enthusiast it has always been my ambition to innovate and I believe that Loggacy serves a genuine purpose in a world that has become convoluted with information about an individual that is both impersonal and misguided. Loggacy puts the user back at the centre of the experience; providing the individual with a personal space that is theirs to both manage and share.

I hope that my personal passion to leave a legacy will be realised through the successful establishment of Loggacy, so that I, along with my fellow users, will be able to make a mark on this world that is preserved perpetually.

You can find my Loggacy profile here.

Dominic Jackson - Lead Developer


As a lover of technology and a Computer Science graduate, the first thing that attracted me to developing Loggacy was the notion that I was helping create something truly unique. Tom's passion for the idea inspired me to appreciate the issue of Digital Legacies in the age we currently live in, looking at the problem from a new perspective.

The site has been designed with our main goal in mind throughout; allowing someone to document their entire life and never be forgotten.

You can find my Loggacy profile here.


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